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Outbound Call Center Features at a Glance

Acarda Outbound lets your outbound calling team work more effectively bringing telesales and appointment setting campaign management together with 3CX Phone speed-dialing. Don’t be dependent on expensive cloud-based outbound calling systems with their inherit risks rather keep control of your own data using Acarda Outbound, a premises-based outbound call center installed on your own computers. You can have local agents, and also remote agents connecting through the internet to your Acarda Outbound Server. Here is a look at some of the Acarda Outbound Call Center features ready to work for you.

Campaign and List Management

Setup multiple campaigns, import lead lists and move leads from campaign to campaign based on imported data or past calling results. Assign the campaign to a group of agents who can work on the campaign by default or be given the ability to select a campaign from a list of campaigns assigned to the agent.

outbound call center campaign management

Preview/Speed Dialing via 3CXPhone for Windows

Acarda Outbound integrates seamlessly with your 3CXPhone so that your agent can work within Acarda Outbound and speed dial by a single button click. Just one click can save the last lead record and fetch the next lead from the campaign queue. Avoid FCC-prohibited autodialers and predictive dialers by using Acarda Outbound’s speed-dialing through your 3CX phone in a similar way to the speed-dialer capability of a memory dial desktop telephone.

Call Outcome Reporting

Acarda Outbound displays contact details like a Contact Management System and allows agents to update notes and call outcomes on each call.  Agents can select a disposition or call response and later manages can run reports on call status and call responses. Use real-time reporting on call outcomes to show dispositions per campaign, agent, or selected date periods.

Intelligent Queue Manager

The Intelligent Queue Manager is at the heart of managing campaign leads to give to agents. Call backs have priorities and can be assigned for requested times and sent to either a specific agent or a team of agents.

Agent Scripting and Objection Handler

Present a consistent message to prospects and contacts with agent script tailored for each campaign and with embedded contact information displayed directly with the script. To make it even easier a common list of objections or questions can prompt the agent with the most effective reply.

Do Not Call Management

Ensure telephone numbers on DNC lists are not called by importing them to Acarda Outbound’s Do Not Call database. Leads are then scrubbed as they are imported into a campaign and also always checked against the DNC list prior to being sent to an agent.

Acarda Outbound is a great telesales tool with easy to use features. I especially like the reporting functions and the integration with Google Calendar. The Acarda team has been very responsive when it comes to addressing support issue. Over all I am very impressed

George C.