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Extend your 3CX Phone System investment with Acarda Outbound

Use the Acarda Outbound Call Center with your 3CXPhone to transform your telesales, telemarketing and appointment setting operation. Join the advanced 3CX call center features with Acarda Outbound which is designed specifically for focused outbound to achieve the ultimate in calling call center management and agent productivity.

3CX call center and Acarda Outbound Agent

Customer Premises Environment, not some far-away Server


Outbound Agent Locally Installed on the same PC as your 3CXPhone


Remote Outbound Agent Ability accessing your Server via the web

3CX Call Center and Acarda Outbound

Take control of your outbound calling team by using Acarda Outbound to manage your calling campaigns. Monitor call outcomes to ensure your agents are working to their best ability. Acarda Outbound is the tool to ensure your team excels in cold-calling and telesales. Campaigns are set up and leads imported via the manager application. Agents are assigned to teams who work on these calling campaigns.

Agents login either over the local network or remotely over the internet and they are presented with one lead at a time to call. Once the lead is displayed on the agent screen it is speed-dialed seamlessly with the agent’s 3CXPhone. They make notes about the call outcome either setting a call back or a disposition then with the click of a single button they can save the lead, move on to the next lead and have it dialed out.

Acarda is an essential tool for any sales team that relies on the telephone. We’ve found it to be the perfect match for our 3CX phone system. It marries best of class outbound calling and power dialling with the strong inbound call features of 3CX and provides tight integration between the two. For HELIA, they have been two very important tools that work well together.

Since using Acarda, our outbound calls made have increased by more than 200% and the number of new customers we’ve been able to service and on-board has also increased by the same amount. The strong scripting tools ensure that our agents are sticking to the script and the 3CX phone system call recording ensure that we can review agent performance and easily target training where need.

We are very happy with Acarda both as a user and reseller. We strongly recommend Acarda to any telephone focused sales team that wants to dramatically increase their call performance.

Darvin Zuch, Chief Operating Officer

Calgary, Canada, Helia Voice Inc

A Quick Look at Acarda Outbound